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A campaign that encourages Muslim to prioritize the Muslim product.

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What is BMF?

The BMF campaign was initiated in Malaysia by the NGO Gerakan Pembela Ummah around 2018 to promote the importance of choosing products from Muslim individuals when they feel there is a sentiment that:

  • Non-Muslim sellers tend to avoid Muslim products.
  • Discrimination in pricing by non-Muslim suppliers.
  • Unfair pricing.
With a primary focus on:
  • Preserving the cleanliness and Halalan Tobiyyan status in food products.
  • Awareness to uplift the economy.
  • Strengthening the economic position of Islamic suppliers, wholesalers, and sellers directly with foreign countries.
  • Enhancing the image of Muslims.
  • Increasing zakat collection when the income of Islamic traders rises.

Global BMF Movement

The Global BMF Movement was initiated as a result of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) campaign, which emerged in response to the injustices against the Palestinian population. BMF places a greater focus on the development of Islamic economies extended globally.

Apa itu BMF?

Kempen BMF dianjurkan di Malaysia oleh NGO Gerakan Pembela Ummah sekitar 2018 untuk mempromosikan keutamaan memilih barangan orang Islam, apabila mereka merasakan terdapatnya sentimen bahawa:

  • Penjual non muslim cenderung untuk tidak mengambil produk Muslim.
  • Diskriminasi harga oleh pembekal non muslim.
  • Penetapan harga yang tidak seimbang.
Dengan fokus utama:
  • Memelihara kebersihan dan status Halalan Tobiyyan dalam produk makanan.
  • Kesedaran untuk bangkit memajukan ekonomi.
  • Mengukuhkan kedudukan ekonomi pembekal, pemborong dan penjual Islam dengan negara luar secara langsung.
  • Menaikkan imej orang Islam.
  • Meningkatkan kutipan zakat apabila pendapatan peniaga Islam meningkat.

Pergerakan BMF Global

Pergerakan BMF Global dimulakan sebagai rentetan dari kempen BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) yg wujud sebagai tindakbalas ke atas kezaliman kepada penduduk Palestin. BMF lebih fokus kepada pembangunan ekonomi Islam yang diperluaskan ke seluruh dunia.

Al-Kun is 100% on BMF

As an exclusive platform for Muslims, our commitment to the well-being of the Ummah is unwavering. Currently, we are actively engaged in the process of showcasing local brands and products on our platform, al-Kun, while consistently advocating for the Buy Muslim First (BMF) initiative. If you are personally managing your content, kindly ensure to include the "bmf" tag in your entries. Your collaboration in promoting this cause is highly appreciated.

In the news

Sidang media MARCH-4-GAZA & Majlis pelancaran Kempen BMF Global Kempen BMF Global bukan boikot, tapi perkasa ekonomi orang Islam Kempen Buy Muslim First diperluas ke global

Disclaimer: This is a campaign by in support of BMF Movements in Malaysia. We are not directly associated with the originators. Our intention is to extend it to the Global Ummah.